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All About Tyddynys

To inspire and support people who wish to experience life on a smallholding.         
Providing an introduction to wool crafts.

My family and I moved to our smallholding on Anglesey from Scotland in 2013 bringing with us our dogs, chickens and a somewhat scaled down flock of Jacob sheep. Over the next few years we worked hard to develop our home and land and grow our livestock. We have added horses, Muscovy ducks, Shetland sheep and bees into the mix as well as developing a kitchen garden. 
Recently, I have been fortunate to develop a network of likeminded smallholders. Between us we have a vast array of expertise and experience to offer.


What we offer at Tyddynys

In addition to the handcrafted items that are for sale, I offer one-to-one introduction to wool craft sessions or group (max 6 persons) workshops. Everything from washing the wool to spinning, felting or peg looming. I hope to offer a taster that will inspire you to want to go on and do more with this wonderfully versatile natural product.

I hope that in the near future we will be able to offer experiential holidays or simply invite you to come and stay and enjoy the peace and 'back to nature' experience that our home and our Island can offer.

The Tyddynys Family


The Jacob Flock

These fascinating and versatile characters originate from our first smallholding in Scotland. They are a clever and agile breed that make great mothers and are rarely sick. We have a mixture of two and four horned sheep some of which are registered with the Jacob sheep society.  I love the colour variants that their wool provides and it is particularly good for beginner spinners.


The Shetland Flock

A super friendly breed of sheep who love a good scratch and a cuddle. They have amazingly soft fleece and lots of colour variations. They can be escape artists at times but usually only want to join in with whatever you are doing and come running back at the rattle of the feed bucket. You will find lots of pictures and videos of their antics on my Facebook page.


The Muscovys

Having resisted my son's request to get ducks for many years because I believed they made more mess than chickens, I eventually gave in - and I am so glad I did. These birds are amazing characters, not particularly messy as they are tree dwellers and they are good for the garden. They will spend many a happy hour searching for slugs and snails. We have thoroughly enjoyed seeing our first clutches hatch and grow this year.


The Hens

We have a variety of homebred, hybrid and rescue hens who all live a happy, free-range life. We supply eggs to friends and family and when we have spare we sell them at our farm-gate stand. We always keep a cockerel to protect and keep order in the flock and occasionally we will let one of the broodies sit on her eggs and raise a clutch.


The Horses

As well as our two ridden horses we have our little pony who is learning to earn his keep on the holding.


The Dogs

The reason we ended up with a smallholding in the first place. I love working breed dogs and in particular, collies. In the past I have competed at agility and obedience. Tim (the red dog) is a retired sheepdog trials dog. We currently just have these two old boys but have owned and fostered many.


The Bees

Co-located in the chicken enclosure is the first of what should, in future years, be a number of beehives. These are really the domain of my youngest son and husband but do provide willing pollinators for my kitchen garden and orchard trees.

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