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All About Tyddynys

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What we offer at Tyddynys

The Tyddynys Family


The Jacob Flock

These fascinating and versatile characters originate from our first smallholding in Scotland. They are a clever and agile breed that make great mothers and are rarely sick. We have a mixture of two and four horned sheep some of which are registered with the Jacob sheep society.  I love the colour variants that their wool provides and it is particularly good for beginner spinners.


The Hens

We have a variety of homebred, hybrid and rescue hens who all live a happy, free-range life. We supply eggs to friends and family and when we have spare we sell them at our farm-gate stand. We always keep a cockerel to protect and keep order in the flock and occasionally we will let one of the broodies sit on her eggs and raise a clutch.

The Horses

As well as our two ridden horses we have our little pony who is learning to earn his keep on the holding.

The Dogs

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